Tooth Extraction

We understand the complexity and sensitivity of Teeth Extraction procedure, and that is why our experienced dentists always make it a point to conduct tooth removal with utmost care, precision, and concern for the patient’s well-being.
Tooth extraction is a relatively easy, safe, and standard dental procedure. It gives a permanent solution to any of your major tooth disorders. Though it is a solution, our dentists will always recommend you try to save the tooth using alternate treatment procedures.

Removing permanent wisdom teeth is necessitated when a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, making it impossible to be salvaged. In cases like these, the affected tooth usually causes severe pain and removing it is the only way to alleviate a patient’s discomfort. Infection and periodontitis are also common reasons for a dentist to prescribe extraction.

A dental check-up is performed to help us determine the severity of a patient’s condition and prescribe if removing the affected tooth is the only way. As much as possible, we try to save our patients’ permanent teeth.However, if removal is the best option, our dentists might need to have a dental X-ray done to give them a better picture of the patient’s dental structure. These X-Rays enables us to form a concrete and accurate plan to remove the affected tooth as smoothly and painlessly possible.The severity of the case will also indicate the kind and level of anesthesia a dentist will use. Local anesthesia is commonly preferred for simple extractions, while general anesthetic used if more teeth are involved. For meticulous and high-quality oral care, trust only the experts at Dr. Aknouk’s practices.