Routine Dental Exam & Check Up


If you are looking for an excellent dental practice where you will receive thorough dental checkups as well as oral hygiene treatments, we trust you will visit us at Dr. Aknouk Dental Offices.

Having our checkups on a regular basis goes a long way to ensure that your mouth is staying healthy.

 During our dental checkup, not only are your teeth and gums checked, but also your bite, and we will examine your health of your mouth

During a checkup, you will receive a full set of x-rays. These x-rays will help our dentist determine whether or not any cavities are developing between the teeth or below the gum lines. Our dentist will also check your teeth to make sure they are not promoting any cavities, or are showing any signs of tooth grinding.

While reviewing your teeth, our dentist will also make sure that there are no current problems with existing dental restorations.

Your bite will also be analyzed to make sure you are not developing any issues related to TMJ or teeth grinding.

Our dentist will also thoroughly review your gums to make sure they are remaining healthy.

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